Wondering how not to throw away food? Check here for some ideas.


Americans Throw Away 40 Percent of Their Food Every Day

A new study says that the American food chain is so wasteful that roughly 40 percent of all our food goes uneaten, because we basically just throw it in the garbage.

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Take a look at our resource page and explore some of the links we’ve added to the latest research being done in early learning.

 By age three, your child is learning about expressing her feelings. Next story time, talk to your child about how characters in a book might feel when events happen to them; this will help your child engage with their own feelings and the feelings of others.

Here’s an idea from the Foundation’s Summer FUNSHINE! Fill some balloons with water. Then let your child and a friend or sibling take turns tossing the balloon to each other. After each toss, they each take a step backwards until the balloon bursts when thrown to them. Its fun to play even if somebody loses; they will be relieved from the heat with a burst of water!

Great Infographic on the Changing Classroom

InBrief: Executive Function: Skills for Life and Learning (by HarvardCenter)

Congratulations to the Snohomish County Early Learning Coalition! They received a grant from The Boeing Company to build upon its support from the Foundation. The Coalition will work to increase parent’s understanding and awareness around preparing their children for kindergarten and foster increasing provider/teacher confidence in partnering with parents.